Looking for the right host for your WordPress website?

There are many options available for hosting a WordPress site, but we have found that a quality host is expensive, and the inexpensive ones are slow or lacking security features that should be common. Our hosting is multilayered in order to provide a range of services to make sure your WordPress site is fast and secure, while still keeping your hosting expenses relatively low.


Cloud Based


Daily Backups

24/7 Support Line


DDoS Protection

SSL Security Certificate

Monitored for Activity





Billed monthly.




Billed yearly.




Billed Yearly

Our basic plans are great for most websites, while our advanced plan is more geared towards websites that hosts podcasts, eCommerce sites with digital downloads, or receive large amounts of traffic. We may need to have you upgrade if you start to get some more traffic. A monthly plan can be upgrade to an annual one with what you have paid for the year prorated.

The Process

  • Put site into maintenance mode

    We choose to do this to prevent live visitors making purchases, leaving comments, or other activities. We want to make sure we don't miss anything.

  • Transfer website to our server

    We install a plugin that communicates with our server that allows all the content from your site to transfer over.

  • Change DNS settings to point to our server

    We change where your domain name is pointing, as well as set up caching, DDoS protection, and SSL security. 

  • Verify transfer was successful

    We check that all the content has transferred, and that your site is functioning as expected.

  • Erase our footprints

    We remove the transfer plug in, and take the site out of maintenance mode.

  • Launch!

    That's it, we are done. Your site is now hosted on our server. 

All We Need From You:

Admin Access to WordPress

We will need to access your WordPress back end using an administrative account in order to put your site into maintenance mode, and install plug ins required for transferring it to our server.

Any changes made will be reverted once site transfer has been done successfully.

Access to Domain Management

In order to point your domain to our server, we will need to have the Nameservers changed. This is something that is easy to do with most hosts, and we can provide that information or do it for you with your login information.

Note: This is whoever you bought your domain name through (GoDaddy, NameCheap,, Google Domains, Dreamhost, BlueHose, HostGator, etc).

Need Custom Email?

We utilize Google Workspace (formally GSuite) to provide our clients the benefits of Google's secure emails, synced calendars, video conferencing, documents, and cloud storage. We help get everything set up on your your domain, your Workspace account, and your devices.


Unique Emails

Enjoy an email address with your website's domain in order to look more professional.


Synced Calendar

Calendars synced between your devices and your coworkers.


Video Conference

Video conferencing via Google's Meet software.

Contact us to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

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