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The internet is a great place to connect with people across your city, state, and even the world, and having a site allows you to control the platform. We believe that a great website can look great while still being able to provide information to an audience without being difficult to navigate.

Different types of websites require a different approach for content and design. What works for one style of business may not work for another. We work with our clients to determine what there website needs in order to reach and convey information to their audience. Below are 3 categories most websites can fall under.


Website Types


Marketing Website

A marketing website is designed to tell your story to the visitor, it doesn't matter if you are in retail or services, B2B or B2C, for-profit or non-profit, big or small. A good website allows you to explain what you goods or services you provide, provide contact information such as address, phone number, directions, etc, and gather leads.


eCommerce Website

Owning an eCommerce site allows you to sell a variety of products or services online. Sell physical and digital products, tickets, services, subscriptions, and more. You are no longer restricted to selling from a brick and mortar location, you can now sell online around the world 24/7. Sales on eCommerce sites has grown nearly 40% since last year, and is expected to keep growing.


Media Website

A media site features articles, photos, and videos that are informational or are entertainment. Magazines and news papers have been replaced by blogs and videos. Embed your writing, photos, video, and podcasts in one place and grow your online audience.


Not sure which is the right choice for you?

We understand that people get busy working on their business rather than working in their business. Building sites, writing ads, social media, and the technical know how to tie it all together to get the best results takes time to learn while you could be spending your time more efficiently in your business. 

That’s where we come in. At Freewill Web Agency our goal is to help our clients accomplish their goals, and grow their online presence. We focus on quality, innovation, and producing positive results for our clients so they can keep doing what they do best. 

What We Offer

Built on WordPress

Your new site will be built on WordPress, which is an open source and widely used platform. It isn't just for blogs anymore, there is a lot of flexibility and expansion in the platform thanks to many developers building new themes and plugins. 


We offer cloud based hosting for fast load speeds, and minimal downtimes. We keep up to date on server security to protect you and your audience.


Your new site will have security via modern SSL security, and DDoS protection. 

Mobile Friendly

Over 50 percent of web traffic is from a mobile phone. It is important to have a site that is responsive to work on any device. Search engines like Google and Bing are looking for a responsive site and use that metric as a factor for your SEO ranking.

SEO in Mind

Search engines are looking at particular aspects of sites in order to give them ranking. From speeds, security, and mobile friendliness, to how content is structured on a page. We look at every aspect of the page in order to make sure it is up to the standards of Google and Bing. 

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